About the Band

All-Inn officially exists since summer 2014 and has one main goal, and thats keeping Rock & Metal alive. They have already gained respect in the german music scene and a lot of Fans. This Hard Rock Band from the heart of Frankfurt-Germany are also known for their achievements at Band-Contests and their melodic Licks such as heavy Rock Riffs. What gives them their reputation is their Live-Performance and energy on and off stage. 

Last but not least, the members of All-Inn come from five different countries such as USA, Germany, Iran, Russia and Italy. So different but so similar. 

Here's a couple of songs which fans like most. 


- Living without you (2017)

- Life is a journey (2017)

- Deal with the reaper (2017)

- Popularity (2017)

- Are you ready (2017)

- Evolution (2017)

COOLEST SHOWS 2019 - 2020

February 2020 Road to Glory Tour 2020 - Opening Show   INDRA Hamburg (Germany)

Nov 2019 RELEASE SHOW PARTY von All-Inn im ELFER KLUB (Selfish+Dark Ruby) Support

Nov 2019 The New Definition of Rock - All-Inn in Das Bett mit Atrio/Firestorm/Eve Of Chaos

Sept 2019 All-Inn Powerparty/Halftime Show @frankfurt Universe    Frankfurt (Germany)

Sept 2019 Mike's B-Day Bash im Das Bett                        Frankfurt (Germany)

July 2019 American Steel Festival                Griesheim (Germany)

June 2019 Bad Homburg Sentinels Half Time Show                   Bad Homburg (Germany)

June 2019 "Keep Rock alive" Golden Krone Darmstadt     Darmstadt (Germany)

May 2019 "Emergenza Semi-Finals" Nachtleben                 Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

April 2019 "METAL METZGER" Benefiz Konzert                Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

April 2019 Das Bett - ALL-INN Show                                   Frankfurt am Main (Germany)